Managing my business

Piraeus Bank Epixeirein 360° offers you services for the financial management of your business in every stage of your investment*.

In order to always have the best control of your cash flows in all stages of your investment plan*, from step 1 to its completion, we offer you:

  • Flexible current account for carrying out the investment trough the deposit of the grant, the own contribution and the bank lending thereto.
  • Free checkbook issuance
  • Issuance of Bank checks with 50% discount for paying all eligible costs*
  • Access to e-banking services for businesses and professionals (winbank)
  • Ability to carry out the payroll of your employees
  • Incoming remittances with 50% discount
  • Outgoing remittances in € within EEA, carried out through e-banking, winbank web banking & mobile banking, with 50% discount*

Payment acceptance and clearing services from epay

Piraeus Bank cooperates with epay (Euronet Merchant Services Payment Foundation Unipersonal S.A.) for the provision of card payment services to physical and online stores. In this context:

  • Solutions for the physical store

    • Full range of epay POS terminals with contactless transaction support.
    • Personalized pricing depending on the type of business and pro-growth.
    • Support for interest-free instalments for your customers.
    • Support for DCC (Dynamic Currency Conversion) service, with a 1% pre-fee reimbursement on the turnover of transactions executed using the DCC service for transactions with non-euro-issuing cards, while your customers pay directly in their home currency.
    • AllWeekPay, the new possibility to collect card transactions on the next calendar day (weekends and holidays).
    • Possibility of discounting interest-free instalments from the Bank for businesses cooperating with epay.
    • Additional flexibility with the SoftPOS application, which allows your Android mobile to function as a terminal.
  • Additional solutions for the e-shop

    • Provision of epay eCommerce e-collection services with multiple interface modes for any size of eShop
    • One-click Pay (tokenization) for fast payment completion.
    • Support for card transactions over the phone or via a special link ( epay by Link service).
    • Multicurrency services for e-shops targeting non-Eurozone markets, with support for dozens of foreign currencies.

*PIRAEUS EPIXEIREIN 360° offered products and services are valid for three years from the date on which the customer joins the program.

**Card acceptance and clearing services (POS, e-POS) in cooperation with EURONET MERCHANT SERVICES PAYMENT FOUNDATION (“epay”).

PIRAEUS EPIXEIREIN 360° is available to Freelancers and SMEs with turnover of up to € 2.5 million that will join subsidized programs.