Private Banking Products

Investment Account

The Investment Account has been specially designed for Private Banking clients to offer them a special deposit rate. It allows them to monitor all the investment products linked to their portfolio through an integrated statement.

Lombard Loans

Piraeus Bank Private Banking clients can increase their liquidity to cover investment and consumer needs, using their investment portfolio as collateral. This type of loan allows them to maintain their investment strategy at times of reduced liquidity, while allowing active management of their portfolio.

Foreign Exchange

The following services are available:

  • You can buy Foreign currecy notes through Piraeus Bank

  • You can carry out foreign currency conversions at preferential pricing

  • You can convert Incoming remittances into euros or buy foreign exchange for travel, study abroad, etc.

  • We offer FX conversions in 19 currencies into/from euro or between different currencies.


  • Preferential pricing

  • For amounts larger than 15,000€, conversions are carried out at preferential rates to current market rates, better than those presented in the Bank’s daily FX bulletin

  • When you order your foreign currency notes through Piraeus Bank, you can ask for specific denominations

  • In most cases, when travelling abroad, is better to buy foreign exchange in advance rather than converting from euro when you arrive at your destination

Investment Products


Our clients can benefit from attractive returns and coupon payments as long as they hold a bond portfolio. We offer them the opportunity to invest in high-quality issuers relevant to their investment horizon through a wide range of investment choices:

  • Government bonds

  • Corporate bonds (financials and other)

  • Developed and emerging markets bonds

  • Senior and subordinated bonds

  • Fixed and floating-rate bonds

  • Bonds in various currencies

For Investment Advisory Service clients, we can create and monitor bond portfolios for bonds issued in Greece or abroad.

Mutual Funds

Piraeus Bank Private Banking provides an integrated range of mutual funds and other UCITS*, which covers more than 860 mutual funds in partnership with some of the best investment houses globally (BNP Paribas Investment Partners, Goldman Sachs, ING, JP Morgan, Pictet, Pioneer, Invesco, Franklin Templeton, Blackrock, Parvest, Piraeus AEDAK and Schroders).

Active asset management through our open architecture platform provides our clients with an integrated and sophisticated type of management, designed to exploit market opportunities, whenever these may arise. Our clients have access to markets and securities that are usually not available to individual investors. Thus, they can invest in mutual funds of domestic and/or foreign management firms which represent a very effective differentiation investment tool.



Our clients have access to all the main markets in Europe, the USA and Asia. We provide them with carefully structured solutions on these markets based on economic sectors, investment themes and fundamentals’ analysis. For Investment Advisory Service clients, we can create and monitor portfolios for equities listed in the Greek and/or foreign markets.


Piraeus Bank Private Banking offers you the opportunity to differentiate your portfolio by gaining access to the entire range of available Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).

DCDs (Dual Currency Deposits)

This is an exclusive investment product for Piraeus Bank Private Banking clients. It is a fixed duration time deposit with a special interest rate, simultaneously linked to the exchange rates of both underlying currencies.

Key Investor Information Document (KIID)

Purchase and Sale of Gold Sovereigns & Gold Bars and additional services

Piraeus Bank is the only commercial bank in Greece that purchases and sells Gold Sovereigns and Gold Bars through its branch network.


    • Gold Sovereign & Gold Bars are world renowned, broadly recognized, and an excellent choice for a meaningful gift

    • Gold Bars offered for sale are accompanied by certificates of authenticity

    • Customers can purchase and sell Gold Sovereigns Gold Bars at all Piraeus Bank branches

          How are Gold Sovereigns and Gold Bars purchased and sold?

          For Gold Sovereigns :

    • Purchase and Sale transactions of up to 30 items are priced according to the FX and Banknote Bulletin issued by the Bank on a daily basis.

    • Purchase and Sale transactions of more than 30 items are subject to preferred pricing offered by Financial Markets Sales

          For Gold Bars :

    • The Purchase and Sale of up to 300 gr are priced according to the FX and Banknote Bulletin issued by the Bank on a daily basis

    • The Purchase and Sale of more than 300 gr, are subject to preferred pricing offered by Financial Markets Sales

          Gold Sovereigns and Gold Bars are subject to market risk. Their value is subject to change according to fluctuations in the price of               Gold [USD/ounce] as well as exchange rates (EUR/USD) on the international markets.

          Additional Services