Green footprint in wealth management

At Piraeus Bank Private Banking, responsible investments are a strategic choice, in line with our commitment towards sustainability, and aim to create a banking experience of the highest standards, which keeps offering you added value.

On a global level, Piraeus Bank was among the first banks to sign the United Nation Principles for Responsible Banking. True to our strategic commitment, we offer you, our Private Banking clients, products and services tailored to your expectations, which also give you the chance to leave your own green footprint.

In this context, and in partnership with Piraeus Asset Management MFMC, we created the Piraeus Private Banking ESG World Sustainability Balanced Fund, the first Private Label Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) mutual fund in Greece, actively demonstrating our responsibility towards environmental, social and corporate governance issues.

The Piraeus Private Banking ESG World Sustainability Balanced Fund invests in companies equipped to meet the challenges lying ahead, taking actions that include energy cost cuts, environmental risk management or products and services that contribute towards resolving social and environmental issues. The companies that actively implement sustainability principles tend to have higher credit ratings, lower capital costs, more robust financials and potentially higher capital returns.

Environmental, Social and Governance Criteria

This Private Label Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Fund mainly invests in companies with operations that fulfil three criteria in terms of the environment, society and their governance.

Τhe three components of ESG


The environmental criteria look at how the company operates with regard to energy use, waste, pollution, environment awareness and treatment of animals. They also assess the environmental risks that may affect its results, and how it manages these risks.


The social criteria focus on the business relations of the company and the extent to which its associates share the same code of values as the company. They also look at whether part of the company’s profits is returned to society, whether it performs social work and whether the workplace conditions ensure employee health and safety.


In terms of the governance of the companies we invest in, we look into the transparency of their accounting methods for presenting financials, as well as the role of shareholders in significant decision-making. Other factors reviewed include measures taken to avoid conflicts of interest when choosing Board members, engagement in illegal practices and use of political contributions so that the company may obtain favourable treatment.

Piraeus Private Banking ESG World Sustainability Balanced Fund

The Piraeus Private Banking ESG World Sustainability Balanced Fund is a balanced, international mutual fund with a broad range of investments. It invests in shares and bonds of companies that focus on sustainable development and fulfil the three key ESG criteria. It offers investors a combination of income and goodwill, maintaining a global dispersion to mitigate risk.

It is addressed to investors with a medium-term investment horizon and moderate investment risk tolerance, who match their financial targets to their dedication to social, environmental and moral principles.

Main Mutual Fund Features

Investment Category: Balanced International

Management Company: Piraeus Asset Management MFMC

Base Currency: EUR

Available Unit Categories: EUR (P) Acc, EUR (Ι) Acc

Risk Profile: Balanced  

Establishment Licence Decision No. 347/08.01.2020 by the HCMC

The net asset value of the Mutual Fund may possibly demonstrate high volatility due to the composition of its portfolio. The Prospectus, Regulation, latest Annual and Semi-Annual Reports and Key Investor Information are available in the Greek language through the Piraeus Bank Private Banking distribution network, as well as on the Piraeus Asset Management MFMC website. Please, also refer to the “Important Notes – Disclaimers” leaflet available at the Piraeus Bank website. The UCIT may, under certain conditions, invest over 35% of its net assets in bonds and money market instruments of the same issuer that are issued/guaranteed by public entities in Greece, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, USA and by the OECD, World Bank, EIB, IMF, EBRD, IBRD, IFC, IADB, AfDB, AsDB, EFSF, ESM or any other relevant authority that may be established in the future with a related scope.


Mandatory Informative Leaflets