Our Approach

About us

Piraeus Bank Private Banking holds a leading position in the Greek market and is backed by Piraeus Bank Group powerful resources, modern infrastructure, dynamic presence and support.

As part of the largest financial and banking services group in Greece, our goal is to deliver premier level of financial services aiming to better manage, preserve and grow our clients’ wealth.

Our mission is to be acknowledged as the natural choice for the wealthier Greek clients when it comes to their banking and investment needs.

How we work with our clients

Your relationship with us begins with your Private Banker who will partner and guide you towards investment opportunities, while maintaining the level of risk as defined by your investment profile.

Our main goal is to identify both your personal and professional needs. Depending on your needs, your Private Banker will present you with appropriate investment proposals and will also be your connection to unlocking a network of capabilities and resources to help you realize other financial goals, i.e. your business liquidity etc.

Piraeus Bank Private Banking is able to offer advisory investment services, taking into consideration your current asset allocation, desired level of risk and your investment knowledge and experience.

Your Investment Strategy will then be implemented based on your investment profile with a view to optimizing the risk/return relationship, selecting suitable investment products and properly allocating your investments. Portfolio rebalancing, whenever required, is a constant and significant aspect of our asset management model, as it ensures that your desired risk/return level is always maintained despite the constantly changing market conditions.

If you wish to focus on your business activities, but also need help in managing your finances, Piraeus Bank Private Banking can, through a specialised service, undertake discretionary management of your portfolio, based on your time horizon, desired level of risk and outcome.

To implement all these, we have a team of international experts, both internal and external, so as to ensure you have access to any investment product, at any market or sector.