Piraeus Asset Management Europe

New horizons and dynamic perspectives for your Investments

At Piraeus Bank’s Personal Banking we believe that investment opportunities are always present and that investors need the right tools and knowledge in order to spot them and exploit them properly.

For this reason, we monitor current developments and offer our customers alternatives that make a difference in the Greek banking market. In this context, Piraeus Asset Management Europe (P.A.M.E.), a subsidiary of Piraeus Bank based in Luxembourg, provides:

  • Access to the internationally acclaimed PiraeusInvest mutual funds
  • Direct access to your investments abroad in leading financial markets
  • Broad diversification across all investment categories
  • Experienced fund managers that timely recognize investment opportunities and generate better results over time
  • Diversified portfolio that provides stability in uncertain markets
  • Dynamic allocation of funds according to market conditions
  • A reliable investment environment
  • Secure transactions and flexible procedures

In order to learn more about the internationally acclaimed PiraeusInvest mutual funds that enables you to configure your own investment strategy and successfully manage your assets, contact your Personal Advisor or visit the webpage of Piraeus Asset Management Europe at www.piraeusame.com

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