Your Personal Advisor

At Piraeus Bank’s Personal Banking your banking relationship is not impersonal.
There is a Personal Advisor available for you.

Schedule a meeting with your Personal Advisor in order to get acquainted with him/her and be informed on the benefits and privileges that Personal Banking can provide to you.

Your Personal Advisor develops a close working relationship with you. Together you will identify and record your immediate and future needs, as well as your future objectives.

Your Personal Advisor can provide you with solutions to manage your regular transactions and simplify your daily routine.

"Close working relationship"

"Designing your personal plan"

Your meetings are always a well-planned process.

Your Personal Advisor assists you to design your personal plan so as to achieve the long-term goals you have set, and caters for the coverage of all your needs through specially designed products and services.

Communication is frequent.

Your Personal Advisor is responsible for a limited number of customers so as to provide a truly personal service and timely information.

Your Personal Advisor closely monitors your banking relationship and notifies you whenever conditions require so.

"Personal Service"