Support for the Receipt Card

Piraeus Paycenter’s e-payment services offer support for the Receipt Card in all e-shop and over-the-phone transaction solutions available from it.

Making things easier for customers

We offer support for the Receipt Card free of charge for any business that wants to activate this service. This service simplifies life for your customers making purchases at your e-shop or over the phone. When they use the Receipt Card they no longer need to collect receipts from their transactions, sum up the total and submit them to the tax office.

Personal data protection

No name appears on the Receipt Card. The cardholder can link the receipt card to his unique tax ID number, by SMS or online. The Card only records the shop where the transaction took place and the amount.

Even if you opt to accept Tax Cards, it is up to the cardholder to decide whether to use it. This is in line with the relevant legislation.

Receipt Cards are available free of charge at any Piraeus Bank branch.

To learn more about the Receipt Card go to the Ministry of Finance’s official website.