Collections through

Piraeus Bank offers integrated remote collection services through easypay to hundreds of private and public companies and organisations. At individuals, whether they are a Piraeus Bank customer or not, may easily choose and make a payment.

Collection process

Your customers visit, They do not need to sign up or have an access code. There they may choose and pay their debt towards your business, whether they are a Piraeus Bank customer or not.

The payment is charged to their credit, debit or prepaid card. If they are a Piraeus Bank winbank web banking customer, they also have the option of paying by debiting their bank account.

All collections are credited directly to your business account. Your authorised users can receive an email for each payment made or for all payments made during one day.

How you benefit

Join the easypay service and enjoy significant benefits:

  • Offer better service to your customers, whether they are a Piraeus Bank customer or not. They can now make payments to your business without wasting time travelling or standing in queues

  • Reduce your business operating costs, as your collection services become mostly streamlined

  • Monitor and manage your payments, both online via the management tool and through file transfer from Piraeus Bank

  • Save resources. Avoid costly investments on developing similar alternative collection mechanisms. Use and accept payments from all over the world, even if your business is not online

  • The payment mechanism is customised to the specific needs of your business, to facilitate your customers in carrying out their transactions rapidly and conveniently

  • Information on all options and payment processes through is available in both Greek and English

  • Generate significant promotion for your business simply by being part of