Commercial Remittance

“Commercial Remittance” is a new payment service provided through winbank web banking, offering you the ability to manage digitally your company’s payment obligations abroad.

Which payments does the service concern?

All company payments abroad, in euro and foreign currencies, up to 50,000 € per transaction, for which documentation and approval process is required, based on the current legislation of Capital Controls.

How can I execute a “Commercial Remittance”?

In order to use this service, you need to own a Piraeus Bank account and obtain access to the electronic banking system winbank:

 1.   Connect to winbank web banking using your credentials, Username and Password

 2.    Visit the menu > TRANSFERS > Commercial Remittance, and enter your payment data to the designated fields

 3.    Attach all the necessary documentation through the field “Attach Solemn Declaration & Supporting Documents”

 4.   Enter the Extra PIN code sent to your mobile phone, or the one on the extraPIN generator that Piraeus Bank has provided you

How do I get informed on the status of my payment order?

Information on your payment’s current status is accessible via winbank web banking from the menu> TRANSFERS> Remittances Management, or via e-mail notifications when there is a change in the status of your payment order. To receive status updates, it is required that you have stated your e-mail address to Piraeus Bank.

After successfully placing your payment order, it will remain in processing status, until completion of its evaluation.

Following the process of your payment order, your transaction will either be approved or rejected, in accordance with the Banks’s current procedures and as defined in the current Act of Legislative content issued under the Capitals controls.

The service is provided under the current restrictions on capital transfers