Request for Transfer MT101

Request for Transfer-MT101 is an alternative way to transfer and/or pool cash using SWIFT MT101 messages. SWIFT MT101 messages are requests for remittances/credit transfers that are sent to Piraeus Bank by the account servicing bank responsible for managing your cash assets or from your SWIFT BIC, if your business has joined the SWIFT Standardised Corporate Environment (SCORE).

Who is it for

Request for Transfer-MT101 is aimed at large companies with an international presence which own accounts at banks all around the world and wish to manage their capital and cash assets globally through an account servicing bank or by directly contacting Piraeus Bank.

How it works

Piraeus Bank receives instructions via a SWIFT MT101 message and then follows the instructions in that message to either:

  • Transfer funds between accounts held with Piraeus Bank

  • Transfer funds from Piraeus Bank to another bank

  • Pay debts to third parties irrespective of whether they have an account with Piraeus Bank or some other bank

To allow the service to operate properly, all the parties involved need to sign the relevant agreements.

Your business can also receive updates about all transactions, activity and current balances in your Piraeus Bank account(s) through the SWIFT MT940 message, the account servicing bank’s SWIFT BIC or your own SWIFT BIC.

How you benefit

Request for Transfer-MT101 offers numerous, significant benefits, ensuring that you enjoy:

  • More effective management of your business’ cash and funds, allowing you to transfer funds accumulating in your account to a bank of your choice

  • Payment of debts from the account you hold with Piraeus Bank


The fees for this service are specified in an agreement signed by both parties.