Consulting Services in All Stages of The Investment

In order to ensure the success of Development Banking projects, Piraeus Bank can assist prospective investment schemes using its experience and expertise in domestic entrepreneurship, providing a full range of consulting services at all stages of implementation of the investment. The individual services which may be made available as a combined package to those eligible for financing, both during the evaluation of the investment and during its implementation, are the following:

Financial Advisory Services

The individual financial advisory services are summarised as follows:

(a) Strategic Business Advisory:

The provision of an expanded wide range of financial advisory services to wholesale clients (whether existing clients of Piraeus Bank or clients of other banks) intended to redevelop them, to optimise their competitiveness and increase their profitability, and ultimately to maximize enterprise value.

(b) Transaction Advisory:

Financial advisory services to corporate customers who need support in terms of acquisitions, mergers, divestments, carve-outs, etc. The services provided, which relate to the whole range of the transaction, from the initial discussion stage until completion of the transaction, include coordination of the process and the parties involved, processing and analysis of financial data, preparation of business plans / financial models, valuations and general support on issues related to the transaction.

(c) Infrastructure Advisory:

Piraeus Bank's Infrastructure Advisory team has a significant successful track record in creating comprehensive financial models, ensuring transparency and ability to include the unique characteristics of each project, that help the person in charge to decide on the optimal supply structure, ensuring both maximum return and overall funding attractiveness for each project. Through Infrastructure Advisory, services are provided both to the Private Sector (Private Sector Advisory) and to the Public Sector (Public Sector Advisory).

Technical Advisory Services

In association with external specialised technical partners, Piraeus Bank Group can support eligible Development Banking investment plans by providing technical advisory services both during the period of investment evaluation and preparation of the funding structure, as well as during the implementation period:

(a) Investment evaluation period and preparation of the funding structure

Analysis of the technical, licensing, financial auditing and any kind of contractual aspects of the project, identification of risks and presentation of proposals / measures to mitigate risks, Technical Due Diligence Report drafting, with a view to reach financing decision and provide technical support to the other advisors (e.g. legal advisor, financial advisor, etc.).

(b) Implementation Period of Investment

On-the-spot inspection visits to monitor construction progress, constructors’ compliance with the construction requirements of each project, the early detection and filing of proposals dealing with technical issues, as well as any other finding deemed necessary, proposing at the same time measures to minimise any effects in case of negative findings.

Project Management Services

Project Management Services aim at optimal coordination, supervision and management of projects being funded, ensuring quality and timely implementation of the project, in accordance with the technical and financial specifications. These services include briefly the following:

  • Detailed analysis of the needs and requirements of the project.
  • Planning and continuous monitoring of the technical specifications for the project construction.
  • Continuous monitoring of the construction schedule of the project and dealing with any deviations.
  • Budget monitoring and payment certification.
  • Contract management.
  • Suggestions for corrective measures wherever required.
  • Preparation of detailed progress reports.
  • Guidance and support to the investor throughout the project implementation.