Access to Domestic and International Investment Funds

Through Piraeus Bank Development Banking, eligible investment plans may gain access to domestic and international development funds which are active primarily in the areas of social infrastructure, innovation, new technologies and alternative energies.

The participation of these funds can either be implemented directly, as part of the share capital of the investment scheme, or through the issue of mezzanine or subordinated debt loans, assuming quasi equity risk. Through this participation, further private capital is leveraged in order to complement the funding scheme, maintaining loan exposure at lower levels and ensuring thereby a fair distribution to cover the required sources of funding (debt and equity).

Through the thorough analysis of possible share structures and options, the objective is to develop an optimal financing structure which, in combination with debt financing, will serve the objectives of all parties.

Investment funds may stem from the following sources:

1. Piraeus Bank Group Investment Initiatives

Investment plans can be supported by development initiative funds deriving from Piraeus Bank Group itself, mainly for investments in renewable energy sources, sustainable development with high socio-economic impact, innovation and technology.

2. Funds Deriving from the Domestic Market

Funds from institutions and private investors located in Greece (venture capitals, green funds, innovation forums) searching for opportunities or seeking to support investments which promote growth.

3. International Investment Funds

Funds, aiming at participating in development projects mainly in the fields of innovation, new technologies and energy.

4. Attracting Participation from International Financial Institutions - IFIs

Provision of support to investment plans in their effort to receive equity or quasi-equity capital from international financial institutions. The participation of these organisations may include, among others, investments in infrastructure projects, as well as Public Private Partnership (PPP) schemes.

5. Alternative Financing

Supplementation of funding needs and structuring the financing scheme with a view to utilize specific features and benefits that may arise from the implementation of each project. In this context, Alternative Financing such as Peer-to-Peer Business Lending, Equity Crowd funding and Social Impact Bonds, may also be examined. Their significance for the financing of investment plans can be enhanced through Piraeus Bank’s wider network