Piraeus Customer Protection*

Piraeus Customer Protection offers you instant solutions on practical matters in Greece or abroad if your cards or other personal documents have been stolen or you suspect that your personal or banking data have been compromised.

If your wallet or bag has been stolen, Piraeus Customer Protection activates a protective mechanism. At once we cover your urgent needs in Greece or abroad and manage any direct or indirect risks associated with the theft or suspected theft. We seek to prevent:

  • Debits on your card
  • Cash withdrawals from your accounts
  • Potential fraud due to theft and fraudulent use of your personal or banking data

* Valid only for customers already registered to the service

How you benefit

Through Piraeus Customer Protection you are protected under a well-organised protective mechanism:

We respond immediately

Piraeus Customer Protection is available 24/7. Once you report a theft or suspected theft, we immediately activate a mechanism to protect you against direct risks:

  • We cancel all the cards you have lost, whether issued by Piraeus Bank or by other banks. This freezes any attempt to debit your card or withdraw cash.
  • We screen all transactions that others might attempt using your cards. This way, we detect suspect transactions and prevent potential fraud

We help you out with practical matters

Piraeus Customer Protection offers immediate solutions to urgent needs arising from the theft or loss:

  • We send you cash wherever you are in Greece or abroad to cover your hotel, return or other expenses. Cash transfers are immediate and free of commission
  • We issue new cards upon your request. We send them to you wherever you are in Greece or abroad via courier, so that that you can use them
  • We help you reissue ID documents issued by Greek authorities: ID card, passport, attorney professional ID card, ID card for people serving in security forces
  • We help you replace anything you have lost and need urgently, such as your driving licence. We know the procedures and supporting documents required in each case. This helps you speed up the process

We protect your personal and banking data

Piraeus Customer Protection shields you against potential fraud in case of theft and fraudulent use of your personal and banking data, e.g. when credit cards, accounts, loans and documents are issued in your name:

  • We advise you on how to protect the personal and banking data you had in your wallet or bag, which are now available to third parties
  • We tell you what to check and how, to ensure that your personal or banking data have not been used without your knowledge

We give you insurance cover

Piraeus Customer Protection offers you wallet & shopping protection. Specifically:

  • For disputed debits or withdrawals made with your stolen card (certain conditions apply)
  • For purchases that have been made with your lost or stolen card (certain conditions apply)
  • For replacement of your personal items (i.e. wallet, keys, mobile phone) if they were stolen along with your card

How to use Piraeus Customer Protection Service


Once your wallet or bag has been stolen, let us know straight away. Use any phone in Greece or abroad to call our Special Hotline:

in Greece 18 28 38 or abroad 210 32 88 000

Piraeus Customer Protection will activate the protective mechanism at once and advise you on what you need to do.

Be ready

To be able to act immediately, we need you to be prepared as well. Therefore, you should:

  • List your personal data or the contents of your wallet or bag in the Piraeus Customer Protection form. If these items are lost, you can refer to this form at once for a crosscheck.
  • Keep important numbers, e.g. credit cards, accounts, safe deposit boxes etc., in a safe place, not in your wallet or bag.
Piraeus Customer Protection also raises your awareness on fraud issues and advises you on how to prevent them. We send you electronic updates on what to do the minute you suspect something.