Masterpass Digital Payments

Piraeus Bank Masterpass is a digital payment service from Piraeus Bank which makes the check out process in an e-shop transaction more secure and faster.

It is a service certified by Mastercard global payment organization.

How does it work?

  • During checkout, select Masterpass as a payment method and then select Piraeus Bank.

  • Use your winbank credentials (username and password) to login to the secure environment of winbank web banking.

  • Select the card you want to charge for your transaction.

  • Confirm the pre-filled information of the merchant and transaction amount .

Afterwards, you are redirected back to the merchant’s website in order to complete your payment.

All Piraeus Bank debit, credit and reloadable prepaid cards are accepted (Visa ή Mastercard).

In order to use Piraeus Bank Masterpass, you must be a registered winbank user, remember your credentials and own at least one Piraeus Bank card.

Why Piraeus Bank Masterpass?

Piraeus Bank Masterpass offers you:

  • Ease of use: You do not need to type each time you check out the data of your payment card. You just login to winbank where you choose one of your cards you have issued from Piraeus Bank.

  • Security: your payment card data is already securely stored in your winbank web banking and it is not transmitted to the e-shop.

Where can I use it?

You may use Piraeus Bank Masterpass at any online store that offers the payment method Masterpass. 

There are more than 250.000 merchants accepting masterpass worldwide. 

You may find only a few of the merchants in: