Piraeus Bank easypay kiosks

Piraeus Bank easypay kiosks

The easypay kiosks for automatic transactions are available to Piraeus Bank customers. Use them for payments and cash deposits, as well as specialised services, such as issue administrative fee vouchers. They are simple to use. Just insert your cash or card in the easypay kiosks. The easypay network covers all of Greece. The kiosks are either securely installed in Piraeus Bank branches or are located outside branches in certain areas.

How you benefit

Use the easypay kiosks to make payments, deposits and purchases quickly and conveniently, by simply inserting your cash or card. The easypay kiosks support:


  • Pay credit cards issued by all Greek banks participating in the DIAS network
  • Pay bills for public-sector entities, telephone/mobile companies and many other associated private businesses

Carry out transactions for Piraeus Bank products without fees

  • Deposit cash to Piraeus Bank accounts
  • Pay Piraeus Bank credit cards
  • Pay Piraeus Bank loan instalments
  • Load Piraeus Prepaid Reloadable Card Visa & MasterCard, AB Plus MasterCard Prepaid Card

Purchases and special transactions

  • Top up your prepaid mobile phone airtime
  • Issue administrative fee vouchers for public-sector entities

View all the transactions you can carry out at Piraeus Bank easypay kiosks below.

Lower fees

Transactions through easypay kiosks entail lower or no fees.

View all the payments and fees for Piraeus Bank easypay kiosks below.

Fast and Easy-to-Use

The easypay kiosks have been designed to help you every step of the way:

  • They are equipped with touch screens and offer simple instructions so you can navigate easily through the system choices
  • They read the barcode on your account so you don't have to type in all the payment details
  • They accept all banknotes, as well as coins from 10 cents to 2 euros. They recognise the amount you insert and check all banknotes for authenticity
  • They give change up to €10 in coins, if the amount you insert is higher than the amount payable
  • They issue a receipt equivalent to a cashier's receipt
  • They record the transaction in the Piraeus Bank system in real time
  • Carry out your transactions through the Piraeus Bank easypay kiosks and save time, since you don't have to stand in queues at public services or bank branches

Service points in Greece

Find the nearest Piraeus Bank easypay kiosks

Payments in 5 steps

The Piraeus Bank easypay kiosks are easy and safe to use. Carry out your transactions in 5 simple steps:

 1.  Choose a transaction from the touch screen

 2.  Type in the payment details (e.g. e-payment code) following the instructions on the screen. If the transaction does not relate to a        Piraeus bank product, the system will ask you type in your mobile phone number. Alternatively, if your bill has a barcode, place it
       in the barcode reader and your payments details will be recorded automatically.

       If you are paying your credit card, type in the number.

 3.  Type in the payment amount.

 4.  Insert the cash in the easypay kiosk slot. On the screen, you will monitor how much money you have inserted and how much more
      you need to insert to cover the amount payable.

 5.  Collect your change and the receipt printed by the easypay kiosk.

To carry out more than one payment, choose each transaction successively and then pay for all of them at the end, inserting cash for the total amount.


Banknote authenticity check

An advanced system checks the banknotes you insert in the easypay kiosk and detects any counterfeits.

Payment detail crosschecking

The system checks the details you enter for each payment and notifies you of any errors it might detect, such as wrong credit card or bill number.

Confidential transactions and personal data protection

All information you send to Piraeus Bank through the easypay kiosks is confidential. The banking data are transferred encrypted and are stored in a secure central server.

Table of easypay Transactions

For devices within Piraeus Bank branches

* For easypay kiosks transaction costs, consult the Pricing List.(Greek only)
  • Available per case
  • Available Service
  • New Service

Credit Cards

Prepaid cards


Public Sector Payments

Energy & Water Supply

Insurance Companies

Other Services