New winbank - I know my transactions

The changes have been made to winbank are obvious from the first click on your welcome page. Now on your log in screen you will find all your transactions categorized in order to help you organizing your finances.

At the section "My transactions", you can view most recent transactions from your cards and accounts, whether you are a beneficiary or co- beneficiary.

As you will find out, each transaction is now automatically labeled under category and accordingly sub- category.

Now that you have a clear view on your transactions:

  • You may change a transaction’s category.
  • For example:

    You pay for your kid’s english lessons by transfering money to a third party account at Piraeus Bank. You may change the category/ sub- category of this transactions from “Cash”/ “Transfers” to “Obligations”/ “Education”. Also, you may want all trasfers for to the same reason be automatically included in this spesific category/subcategory, so you are now can create a rule only by clicking on the appropriate field.

  • You may create new sub-categories.
  • If the existing sub-categories do not meet your needs, you can create as many sub- categories as you want.

    For example:

    If you want to view separately the expenses for your children’s dance lessons and music lessons, you may create a sub- category “Kids’ activities” under the category “Obligations”.

  • You may split a transaction.
  • In order to describe in detail one spesific expense, you may split the amount in 2 or more catogories and sub- categories.

    For example:

    You withdrew 150€ to pay in cash your kid’s dance lessons and your annual check- up. You split the total amount in two under the categories you feel the suites best each transaction.

  • You may select which banking products appear in the sections “My transactions” and “My expenses”.
  • Let’s assume that you are a co- beneficiar at your parents accounts and you do not want to view transactions derived from these accounts. By clicking on the gear located on the top right of the screen, select “Financial Managements’ Settings” and then choose the products you wish to participate at these sections.