I monitor my expenses

At the ‘My expenses’ section you are able to view your expenses per category for the current month. By clicking on each category, the relevant sub- categories will appear and you can have access to the related expense amount.

  • You can access your transaction history.
  • By clicking on “Historical Expenses”, you are able to view in detail your expenses for the previous months, as well as in total and for each category / sub- category separately.

  • You can create Spending Goal.
  • By activating your “Spending Goals”, winbank will automatically suggest a spending goal amount for each sub-category, according to your expenses history in this sub-category from the last 12 months.

    Of course, you can modify the amount suggested and set an amount that you do not want to exceed. You can monitor your expenses in a better way and you may start thinking about an expense that you could limit by changing your habits.

    For example:

    - If you decide to bring coffee from home instead of taking-out, at least for a few days during a month, you will realize that you could have some savings in this expenses category.

    - Likewise, if you start using a shopping list when visit a supermarket; perhaps this will help you save some extra money.

    If your expenses exceed the monthly limit on one category, it will appear in red color.

    You can choose which products will participate in the categories “My transactions” and “My expenses” from the section “Financial Management's Products Setting”, by clicking on the gear on the right top corner on the home page.

    Now that you know how to monitor and check your expenses, it will be easier for you to find ways to save money.