winbank - Mobile & Web Banking Service

Manage your finances with winbank

Winbank changed and is enriched with modern financial management tools to help you better organize your finances. Whether you prefer winbank web banking or winbank mobile app for your transactions, we provide you with a solution! Both services offer functionalities in order to help you understand where and how you spend your money, keep track on your expenses so you can set and achieve your savings goals.

I know my transactions

With the new tools provided by winbank, you can check all the transactions from cards and accounts you are entitled to or you are a co-owner. Depending on their nature, your transactions are automatically set into categories and subcategories. For example, the account for your energy consumption is automatically listed under the "House" category and the "Energy" sub-category. So you know with one click you can see how much you have spent and on what.

I monitor my expenses

Now, you have the ability to keep track on your expenses because you can access them sorted in categories and sub-categories. In addition, you can create your own spending goals by setting the amounts which you do not want to exceed. So, you know whether you exceeded your goals or not and you can identify possible ways in order to save money

I accomplish my goals

Now that your finances are organized and set into order, you can start your saving effort. You can start with smaller or bigger saving goals and “load” them. In addition, you can choose your way of saving, such as saving on regular basis. You can keep track of their progress easily by visiting “My saving goals”. Do not forget, that saving systematically, you will go on the trip that you have always wanted!