winbank mycard App

Download winbank mycard App and view all Piraeus Bank card offers directly from your Smartphone or Smartwatch! Take advantage of the winbank mycard App and benefit from an exclusive discount.

You can be informed for discounts, loyalty programs, contests and special offers of credit, debit and prepaid cards. You can easily locate your nearest offers.

Download the winbank mycard App for free:


The winbank mycard App is available for Smartphones (iOS & Android) and for Smartwatches (Apple Watch, Αndroid Wear and Samsung Gear 2).

What does winbank mycard offer

What does winbank mycard offer

With winbank mycard App you can:

  • View your nearest Piraeus bank card offers on a map
  • Navigate with clear instructions to any offer location on the map
  • View all offers that are related to your own cards
  • Select certain offers as favorites for easier access
  • Send interesting offers via email or share them with your social friends (facebook, twitter)
  • Be notified (push notification) when you physically approach a location where an offer exists(geofencing)