winbank wallet App

winbank wallet App is the most innovative, quick and easy way to make contactless payments in physical stores. It is your new digital wallet, since, instead of plastic card or cash, you may simply place your cell phone in front of the contactless POS, without the need to have cash or physical card with you. The payments are debited, through any Piraeus bank debit card, to the main linked account.
Download the winbank wallet App:

To use the winbank wallet App you must be a Piraeus Bank customer and have signed up for a winbank web banking.

How does winbank wallet works?

winbank wallet App is the first payment application of its kind in the Greek market, to take advantage of Host Card Emulation technology. It functions irrespectively of the user’s Mobile Operator Network.

Transact in a simple and seamless way:

  1. Cashier keys-in the purchase amount at the POS caring the contactless symbol
  2. Having switched on the NFC reception on your device, you open the winbank wallet application, enter your mPIN code
  3. Steadily, place your device face-up, close to the POS
  4. Within the next 3-4 seconds the characteristic communication signal between your device and the POS will sound. In the screen of both screens you can see the result of the payment try.
  5. Payment Completed! Just collect the POS receipt for your records.

Within the winbank wallet application you can:

  • Register any Piraeus Bank issued Debit Card, either Visa or MasterCard.
  • Get real time information on the available balance of your Debit Cards and your conducted transactions results.

The service is provided under the current restrictions on capital transfers.

In which stores I can pay using winbank wallet?

You may use it to pay in any brick and mortar store, internationally. You may distinguish the appropriate contactless POS having the logo. Most of the POS’s in the Greek market can accept contactless mobile transactions.

Basic technical requirements

In order to be able to register your Piraeus Bank Debit Card(Visa or MasterCard) into winbank wallet, your smartphone has to meet the following technical requirements and you have to download the relevant software:

  • Android Smartphone with NFC capability
  • Android OS 4.4.2 +, not rooted
  • Download and install winbank wallet App free, from Google Play Store
  • Download and install winbank mobile banking free, via whom you will get the option to register your debit card(s) into winbank wallet.

Please note it does not work on any operating system other than Android.

Activation / Installation instructions (Available only in Greek)