FAQs about extraPINs


What is the extraPIN?

It is a one-off 8-digit code that offers enhanced security for all winbank services. For certain online transactions, it is mandatory to insert the extraPIN. You can also opt to make use of the extraPIN mandatory for logging into winbank services in parallel with your Username and Password.

How do I receive the extraPIN?

  • By an SMS to your mobile free of charge at the time of the transaction.
  • To register a mobile phone number for receiving the extraPIN, visit the Piraeus Bank branch of your choice.

For how long is the extraPIN valid?

For about 2 minutes from the time you selected to have the extraPIN sent. If you do not enter the 8-digit code correctly within this timeframe, ask to have another extraPIN sent.

My mobile phone number has changed. How can I receive extraPINs by SMS?

Register your new number

  • If you have a Piraeus Bank debit card, log into winbank: Log in > SECURITY SETTINGS > extraPIN > extraPIN Mobile
  • If you do not have a debit card or if you are a business user, visit the Piraeus Bank branch of your choice.

Transactions using the extraPIN

Which transactions require an extraPIN?

You need it for the following transactions:

  • Remittances
  • Transfer cash to others at Piraeus Bank
  • Pay credit cards from other banks
  • Carry out payrolling, batch payments or batch remittances
  • Issue Insurance Coupons
  • Load prepaid cards
  • Send cash using Instant Cash
  • Top up airtime
  • Apply for new products or manage applications
  • Exclude / Restore accounts
  • Change personal details

Can I use the same extraPIN for more than one transaction?

The same extraPIN is valid for as long as you remain logged into winbank without interruption, for as many transactions as you like, irrespective of the amount.