Summer holidays in 6 interest free monthly instalments with Piraeus Bank credit cards.

This summer, pay the expenses for your vacations (accommodation, transportation, vehicle rental) with Piraeus Visa and Mastercard Credit Cards in up to 6 interest free monthly instalments.

Call at 210 32 88 000 within 15 days and select the number of instalments you wish.


If you don’t already have a credit card, acquire one promptly through winbank, without visiting a branch.

The process is simple and is completed in just 3 steps:

  • Pay with your Piraeus Bank Credit Card
  • Call in 210 32 88 000 within 15 days to activate the instalments
  • Select the number of instalments you wish

Valid for transactions paid in full, from 1/7/2020 till 10/9/2020. Minimum amount per transaction: €50.

Terms & Conditions (available only in Greek)

You can convert into instalments the following transactions:

  • Accommodation (hotels, rooms to let)
  • Transportation (air/ boat / rail tickets)
  • Car / motorbike rental
  • Other travel services