Mastercard Competition - ARIAN Urban Openair Cinema

Live a unique summer cinema experience!

Use your Piraeus Bank prepaid, credit and debit Mastercard® cardsuntil the end of summer cinema season 2021, to purchase on line your ticket or at the cashier of ARIAN cinema and get a €2 discount on every ticket!

In addition, the lucky ones who will purchase the first 4 tickets from the cashier using Mastercard cards there is a chance for a free upgrade in premium seats from Thursday till Sunday and free options from the following menus:

  • Big Pop Corn & 1 glass of Beer (400ml) or Wine (150ml)
  • Nachos with cheese & Sauce & 1 glass beer (400ml) or wine (150ml)
  • Hot Dog & 1 glass of beer (400ml) or wine (150ml)
  • Pizza & 1 glass of beer (400ml) or wine (150ml)

Participation terms (available only in Greek)