Win Gifts with the AEK F.C. Mastercard® Credit Card

Now, live the experience of your team even outside the field.

Acquire AEK F.C. Mastercard® credit card issued by Piraeus Bank and:

  • Automatically win a team’s bag and an AEK ball
  • Enter the draw and become one of the 10 lucky winners that will have the opportunity to watch a home-team match of AEK from a stadium’s suite with a friend!

Be one with your team, with AEK F.C. Mastercard credit card.

How to get your AEK F.C. Mastercard® & Gold step-by-step and which documents you might need

The offer is valid from 20/11/2018 up to 20/01/2019

Terms & Conditions (available only in Greek)

The service is provided under the current restrictions on capital transfers.