Earn a 5% Rebate at Selected AVIN and CYCLON Stations

Earn 5% at AVIN and Cyclon

Dive into July’s offer with Piraeus Bank credit cards and AVIN OIL.

Use Piraeus Bank credit cards in one of the selected AVIN and CYCLON petrol stations, every Friday and Saturday of July and earn 5% rebate on the value of your purchase.

On the remaining days the current refund rate is 3%.

The cash back amount will be shown on your card statement providing that the charge of the card has been made via an electronic device (EFT/POS) or an IMPRINTER of Piraeus Bank. The maximum monthly cash back amount for the purchases at AVIN OIL, is 100€ per card.

Learn here about the participating petrol stations (available only in Greek)

Cash back terms and conditions 5% (available only in Greek)