Piraeus Reloadable Prepaid Card for your Children

With Prepaid Mastercard® Reloadable you stay in control as children learn how to spend responsibly.

1. Acquisition
Visit a Piraeus Bank branch* with your children, aged 14-18 years old. All you need is their personal ID Card or Birth Certificate. The card* will be instantly issued in their name.

2. Load
You can load your children’s Prepaid card anytime, through winbank web, mobile or phone banking. Alternatively, you can also load it at any Piraeus Bank Branch.

3. Use
By using their card, your children can meet their everyday needs, such as buying cinema tickets, food, music, clothes, gifts for their friends etc.

4. Notifications
With winbank alerts, you and your children are informed via sms / email about card transactions as they happen.

5. Advantages
Prepaid Mastercard® Reloadable is the easy and innovative way to give your children their pocket money because:

  • Teaches them to manage their money and helps them gain confidence and independence
  • You have the ability to track their transactions using the winbank alerts service
* The possibility of issuing is not provided by e-branches.
The presence of both parents is required for the card to be issued. If one of the parents is unable to be present, a solemn declaration from the parent, certified by a KEP, can be presented.