Piraeus Prepaid Reloadable Card

Προπληρωμενη καρτα Πειραιως Prepaid Reloadable Card Acquire free of charge Piraeus Prepaid Reloadable Card, from 17/10 to 17/12/2016, for transactions at physical stores, online or over the phone.
  • You can issue it immediately at any Piraeus Bank branch, load it as often as you like and use it as you wish!
  • Additionally, it’s an ideal choice:
         if you have a student child because you can load it with the money needed for his monthly expenses,
         if you go travelling, instead of cash, because if offers you security and worldwide acceptance.
  • Only for you, our Personal Banking customers, the acquisition and use of the Piraeus Prepaid Reloadable Card comes with 50% discount forever (in accordance with the applicable pricing policy).

Card issue & 1st load
 Free of charge until 17/12/2016 
Card re-issue
€ 1,5
  0,5% of the reload amount,  
min. €0,5 max. €1,5
Unload (full or partial)
€ 1
Purchases in non euro currency
  2% of the transaction amount,  
max. €5

Cash advances at ATMs
Piraeus Bank
€ 1
Other banks in Greece and abroad inside the euro area
€ 1
Other banks outside the euro area
€ 1,5

Balance enquiry at ATMs
Piraeus Bank
Other banks in Greece and abroad*
€ 0,10
* Where available

For more information regarding the allowed transactions press here

  • The Piraeus Prepaid Reloadable Card offers contactless transactions which provide you fast and convenient purchases.
  • Load it with the amount needed each time through winbank web, mobile & phone banking and at easypay kiosks quick and easy.
  • For more information about Piraeus Prepaid Reloadable Card, click here .