Remittance via winbank web banking

Manage your business payments with a remittance via winbank web banking and pay off your obligations to third parties worldwide* fast and safely.

Through winbank web banking you may transfer money up to €150.000 within Greece and up to 50.000€ abroad.

How you benefit

  • Low remittance fees depending on the amount and the destination country of your payment
  • 24/7/365 available service
  • Direct and online update on the status of your remittance order and your business account debits, via email or winbank web banking service
  • Enhanced security in money transfers and in the processing of personal and business banking information
  • Capability to set up fixed and/or future remittance orders, to recreate remittance orders that you make on a regular basis and also capability to request the cancelation or the amendment of your remittances
  • Online availability of payment confirmation, in the form of either a swift confirmation or an advice including further payment details (amount, fees, beneficiary etc)
  • Capability to define different transaction limits per user/transaction and authorization chain, according to your company’s policy)

If you wish to make and send a remittance, please select through winbank web banking menu: TRANSFERS> Transfer to Other Banks/ Remittance

* The service is provided under the existing legal and regulatory framework

IRIS online payments service

Manage your business payments under high priority and pay off your obligations to third parties in Greece, in real time and with no additional charges for the receiver from his bank.

The option is valid for remittances up to € 12,500 per transaction via winbank web banking, using IRIS online payments service.

How you benefit

  • Immediate transfer and credit to the receiver’s account full of funds
  • Immediate availability of the funds, with no extra charges on behalf of the receiver’s bank
  • Immediate transfer to other banks in Greece: National Bank of Greece, Alpha Bank, Eurobank, Attica Bank

If you wish to send your remittance through the IRIS online payments service, you enter the details of the transaction. If the conditions are met (Bank, amount, IBAN entry), the Bank proposes the service and you only have continue and execute your transaction with high priority.

Please note that when the remittance order is placed from Monday to Friday until 16:00, it is executed immediately. Otherwise, the remittance will be executed through IRIS online payments service the next working day. In any case, the amount will be credited to receiver’s account in full with no extra charges on behalf of his bank.