If you have a deposit account, a debit card and access to winbank , the electronic banking service of Piraeus bank , you ensure that you can make all your daily banking transactions, from any country you may be located.

Having a full basic banking relationship is essential, especially for customers who live abroad and therefore cannot visit a branch.

Deposit account

This is the base of your banking relationship, as all your banking transactions are executed through your account. Indicatively you can:

  • - Receive funds, such as rents etc.
  • - Pay your utility bills through α direct debit or a payment order
  • - Pay your obligations

ΓFor more information about the deposit account, see here.

Debit Card

The debit card offers direct access to your money, wherever you are, since it allows you to make:

  • - Cash withdrawals from ATMs around the world
  • - Online purchases by debiting your account

Furthermore, if you get locked in winbank or if you forget your credentials, the debit card allows you to unlock or to retrieve your credentials online, without having to visit a branch.

For more information about the debit card, see here.


The access to Piraeus bank e-banking service, ensures that you can perform all your banking transactions 24/7, from any country you may be. Indicatively you can:

  • - Transfer money to accounts in Piraeus bank or to other banks in Greece or abroad
  • - Pay tax obligations
  • - Pay utility bills
  • - Open online products and services

In addition, winbank winbank allows you to have complete information and control of your transactions, since you can see in real time your products’ balances and transactions .

For more information about winbank, see here.