Frequently Asked Questions

- How recent should my documents be?

Utility bills need to have an issuance date of the last six months, while documents relating to tax must refer to the current tax year.

- I have an old Greek identity. Can I bring it ?

Yes, as long as it is not cut or invalid.

- I do not have any utility bills in my name where my home address is listed, as all bills are in the name of my spouse/ flatmate. What can I do;

Either you, or your representative, will fill in an application form when you visit the Piraeus Bank branch, providing also a bill the name of your spouse/ flatmate.

- I do not have a landline and my mobile phone is corporate. What document can I provide?

You can provide a written confirmation from your employer that this mobile number is used by you.

- Will I need to have any information other than the documents presented in the Wizard results when I visit Piraeus bank branch?

You (or your representative) will need to state the countries in which you are taxable, as well as the corresponding tax registration numbers.

In addition, if you are related to the USA (US Persons) you must also sign (or have your representative signed) W8 or W9 forms.

- Will you ask for additional documents other than those presented in the Wizard results?

The documents of the Wizard will allow you to start a basic banking relationship, ie deposit account, debit card and access to e-banking. Depending on the purpose of the deposit account or the value of transactions you make through it, you may be asked for additional documents to prove the origin of your funds.