At Piraeus Bank we believe that living abroad should not be an obstacle in starting a new relationship with us. For this reason, we have collected at one spot all the steps that you will need to follow in order to become a customer.

Collection of the documents

Collection of the documents required, in order to validate your identity, residence address, telephone number, as well as your taxation data.

Follow simple steps here and see with one click the documents that you are required to bring.

You may also see here answers to frequently asked questions relating to the required documents.

Translation of documents

Translation of documents. If your documents are already either in Greek or English, they do not need to be translated and you can skip this step.

See here how you can translate your documents.


Validation of translated documents, as well as documents that are copies of originals.

See here how you can validate your documents.

Presentation of documents

Presentation of documents at a Piraeus bank branch, either by you or by a representative.

See here more information on where and how documents may be presented.

For any additional information, you can contact the International Customer Service team at +30 210 3288400 or at