Depositor Information Sheet

Piraeus Bank participates in the Hellenic Deposit and Investment Guarantee Fund (TEKE). Deposits at the Bank, irrespective of currency, are covered by the Deposit Cover Scheme (DCS) of the Deposit and Investment Guarantee Fund (TEKE) in accordance with the specific provisions under Law 4370/2016, as applicable. In case TEKE activates the reimbursement process, the amount is calculated by offsetting balances on deposit accounts with any of the Bank's counter claims against the beneficiary/depositor, if and to the extent they have become overdue and payable on or prior to the failure date, according to the provisions of Articles 440 et seq. of the Civil Code, the information provided by the credit institution's liquidator to TEKE and the legal and contractual provisions governing the overall relationship between the credit institution under liquidation and the depositor. It should be noted that reimbursement is not payable when no transactions relating to the deposit were performed within the last 24 months and the value of the deposit is lower than the administrative costs that would be incurred by TEKE in making such a repayment. The notion of transaction refers to any actual transaction performed by a beneficiary, depositor or third party upon the instructions of any beneficiary, as well as any application submitted to the Bank by the beneficiary requesting information on the deposit account balance. 
Customers may obtain more information about TEKE, eligible and excluded deposits either via TEKE's website ( or the depositor information sheet, also available in our Branches.

Basic information about the protection of deposits
Deposits at Piraeus bank SA are covered by:
Coverage limit:   €100.000 per depositor per credit institution 2

Under certain conditions, a higher coverage limit is provided for certain types of deposits 3
If you have more deposits at the same credit institution:
  The maximum coverage limit of all deposits per depositor per credit institution is set at one hundred thousand EUR (100.000). This limit applies to all deposits kept in a single credit institution, irrespective of the number of deposits, the currency or the place of deposit 4
If you have a joint account with another/other person(s):   The €100.000 limit applies to each depositor separately
Reimbursement period in case of credit institution's failure:
  7 working days 5
Currency of reimbursement:
Contact details:   Hellenic Deposit and Investment Guarantee Fund (TEKE)
Address: 6, Amerikis street - 2nd Floor
Athens, PC 10671
Tel.: +30 2103639933, 2103638339
Fax: +30 2103635582
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Additional information

1 System responsible for the coverage of your deposit


2 General coverage limit

If a deposit is generally and permanently unavailable due to a credit institution's failure to meet its financial obligations towards depositors under the current legislation, followed by the competent supervisory authority’s decision or court ruling, depositors are repaid by the Hellenic Deposit and Investment Guarantee Fund. 

This repayment covers EUR one hundred thousand (100.000) maximum. This means that all eligible deposits of a depositor at the same credit institution are added up in order to set the coverage level. If, for instance a depositor holds a savings account with EUR 90.000 and a current account with EUR 20.000, he/she will only be repaid EUR 100.000.


3 Special coverage limit

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4 Coverage limit for joint accounts

In case of joint accounts, the limit of €100.000 applies to each depositor.

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5 Reimbursement

Reimbursement will be repaid by TEKE within seven (7) working days from the date the competent supervisory authority issues the decision or the court issues the ruling, as provided by law. For some types of deposits this deadline may be extended up to three (3) months maximum.
The depositor's right for compensation is barred after five (5) years from the above deadlines.
To calculate the amount of reimbursement, deposit account balances are offset with any liabilities the depositor has towards the credit institution, in so far they became payable on or before the date of the credit institution's failure. 
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Other important information:

Exceptions for certain types of deposits are listed on the Hellenic Deposit and Investment Guarantee Fund's (TEKE) website Piraeus Bank SA will inform you, upon request, whether your deposits and/or certain types of deposits are covered or not. Your deposits, as stated on the statement of account (for accounts where account statements are issued), are covered under the provisions of Law 4370/2016, as applicable, in so far they do not fall under the exceptions of Article 8 of this law. Beneficiaries/depositors are required to verify their personal data at regular intervals and immediately inform the credit institution of any modifications thereof so that their identification is carried out easily.