e-loan by winbank
With yellow Rewards Program

Personal loan offered exclusively online by winbank web banking
6 - 84
From €500

up to €15.000
  • The loan is available exclusively by Winbank. It’s not required to visit a Piraeus bank branch
6 - 84
From €500

up to €15.000
  • The loan is available exclusively by Winbank. It’s not required to visit a Piraeus bank branch


Immediate access & Convenience

Following 3 easy steps, via winbank web banking, you can submit your application at any time and the approved amount will be disbursed immediately

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Design your loan
Configure your loan repayment plan with the loan calculator. Enter the loan amount and the loan terms and fix the loan instalment you want
Register your application at any time
Confirm your personal and business information, attach the necessary documents and register your loan application
Loan disbursement
Your application is evaluated by the Bank and once your application has been approved you have to sign the contractual document with authorized electronic signature (OTC), and the loan will be disbursed to your account

Reward with yellows

Earn 20.000 yellows with the disbursement of the loan. This award is for the Members of yellow Rewards Program. For more information, click here.


Through the process you will get full information via sms to your mobile and winbank notifications. The loan contract, as well as all necessary forms will be sent at your e-mail.

Environmental Protection

You contribute to the environmental protection by saving paper and reducing the environmental footprint.


Loan amount

From €500, to €15.000.

Interest rate

Variable nominal rate currently 10,95%

Interest rates are also subject to the Law 128/1975 levy. Today it stands at 0.60%.

See an example of the overall APR for e-loan by winbank.

Loan term

From 6 up to 84 months

Loan approval fees 

€200. The fee is charged on the loan account along with the disbursement.


All amount at once.


  • In monthly amortization instalments.
  • The repayment will be made from the deposit account that was declared to the application


e-loan by winbank is addressed to winbank web banking customers aged 18-70 years old (at the maturity date of the loan), who:

  • declare permanent residence in Greece
  • possess Greek identity card
  • have a unique tax residence in Greece and
  • are not nationals or taxable persons in the United States

Loan documents*

For employees/pensioners:

  • Latest year income tax return form

    • For employees: last payroll slip or an official (not handwritten) income certificate from your employer’s accounting office. The certificate must include all your income details (recruitment date, gross and net earnings, social security contributions and tax)
    • For pensioners: last pension payment slip

    For freelance professionals/entrepreneurs:

    • Last 2 income tax return forms
*Required documents must be uploaded in order to submit your application.

How to get it

e-loan is exclusively available online through winbank web banking. Νo visit to the Bank’s branch is required.

Basic steps for e-loan process

  • Loan configuration using loan calculator
  • Select the loan amount and duration according to your needs and calculate the loan instalment and repayment terms

  • Application
  • Confirm your personal and business information, attach the necessary documents, apply to the Bank for evaluation. Receive the application form to your e-mail

    Apply now!

  • Application evaluation
  • The Bank receives the loan application and proceeds the loan’s assessment. A notification of the result will be send to you via sms text message on your mobile as well as with an online notice to winbank website.

    *The evaluation of the loan is granted on the basis of the Bank's current credit standards.

  • Loan agreement signing
  • After the loan approval you will be requested to sign the loan agreement by using an electronic signature, which requires the issuance of a Certificate Approved Electronic Signature Use. This certificate is provided to you, free of charge, upon your request by an affiliated partner.

    After signing the contract, the Bank will send you an e-mail with all the required contractual forms. These forms will also be available through winbank

  • Loan disbursement
  • Loan disbursement occurs during the Bank’s working days (08:00 – 20:00)

    The requested amount will be credit automatically to the account that you have declare when submitting the application.

  • Earn yellows
  • yellows will be added to the yellow Account of the borrower, after the disbursement of the loan and within 5 working days.

Find out the supporting documents you need to provide to us in case you are not a Piraeus Bank’s customer or even if you are a Piraeus Bank’s customer and the identification documents you have provided to the Bank may not be valid as they are outdated.