Cash Management

Piraeus Bank Cash Management services allow you to manage your daily cash flows fast, efficiently and securely.

Range of services

Piraeus Bank’s Cash Management services cover all your needs towards an effective management of your cash flows:

  • Counting of cash delivered to Piraeus Bank, and depositing of the respective amount to your business' account
  • Cash reconciliation and reporting services
  • Ordering and delivery of cash withdrawn from your account
  • Cash collection by a CIT company cooperating with Piraeus Bank
  • Cash exchange, if you want to change the nominal value of your cash to equivalent (in banknotes or coins) of different denomination
  • Deposit or withdrawal of coins in any quantity and denomination
  • Management of banknotes and coins of questionable authenticity
  • Foreign Exchange Transactions in more than 20 currencies
  • Sale, purchase, authenticity check & safekeeping of gold sovereigns and gold bars

We also offer additional asset management services at preferential rates to complete Piraeus Bank integrated services for managing the cash flows of your business.


Swift service

Manage your cash swiftly at days and times that best suit your needs.


Cash counting is performed in highly secured areas. Furthermore, by choosing to transfer your cash with a CIT company cooperating with the Bank, you fully eliminate all the risks involved in carrying it out yourselves.

Real-time account activity monitoring

Log into winbank web banking at any time to get online updates on the balance and transactions of your accounts.

Accessing Cash Management services

In order to gain access to Piraeus Bank’s Cash Management services, all you need to do is to visit your local Piraeus Bank branch, sign a Cash Management Service Agreement and select the cash management services that best suit your company’s needs.