Green Services for Photovoltaic Systems

The Piraeus Bank Group offers comprehensive green services to support investors interested in installing photovoltaic systems.

3 Good Reasons

3 good reasons to take advantage of the green services we offer for investments in photovoltaic systems:

 1.   Comprehensive one-stop-shop services for turn-key green investment projects.

The Piraeus Bank Group supports your investment every step of the way: from design, licensing and project financing through to construction, certification and maintenance of your photovoltaic park.

 2.  Considerable know-how to enhance the profitability of your investment.

Use the know-how our Green Experts offer to ensure the integrity of your investment throughout the design and construction phases.

 3.  Financing solutions tailored to your investment’s needs

The green loans Piraeus Bank offers for photovoltaic systems come with favourable terms and conditions, and combine built-in insurance coverage. By getting one of our green loans you protect your investment, ensure its rapid amortisation and enhance its viability.

Specialised green services for photovoltaic systems

We offer green services specifically tailored to suit investments in all green business sectors. These include:

Premises, installation and equipment designs

  • Load-bearing designs
  • Electromechanical designs to help you install your photovoltaic system and get it connected to the national power grid

Project financial feasibility studies

  • Financial and technical feasibility study prepared on behalf of your company
  • Financing options from Piraeus Bank with favourable terms and conditions

Procedural issues

  • We prepare and submit the documentation needed, so that your system acquires all the appropriate licenses, and your company signs the contracts with the Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator (HEDNO SA) and the Operator of Electricity Market (LAGIE SA)
  • Licensing procedures

Project implementation

  • Procurement and installation of photovoltaic systems
  • Connecting the facility to the power grid

Additional services

  • System inspection and certification
  • System maintenance
  • Insurance for the system

More Information

To learn more about Green Services and choose the specialised green services that suit your photovoltaic project, contact our Green Banking Advisors at Green Branches or Green Points at any other branch in the Piraeus Bank network.

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