Green Services for Businesses

The Piraeus Bank Group offers you green services for investments in all green business sectors:

  • Renewable energy sources (RES)
  • Energy saving
  • Alternative waste and water management
  • Green transportation
  • Ecotourism and agrotourism
  • Organic farming
  • Green chemistry

3 Good Reasons

We give you 3 good reasons to take advantage of the green services we offer for investments in all green business sectors:

 1.  Each green solution is tailored to your needs.

Our Green Experts discuss the technical scope and aims of your investment with you and record your needs and expectations. They propose the range of green services that best serve your business plan and time schedule, as well as the best financing solutions for your investment.

 2.  Considerable know-how to enhance the profitability of your investment.

Use the know-how our Green Experts offer to ensure the integrity of your investment throughout the design and construction phases.

 3.  Support throughout the implementation of your green business project .

To achieve your investment’s aims, we offer you support during the construction phase. This ensures you have access to the necessary know-how and the assistance you need in finding:
    • Best practices for optimum environmental management of your company
    • Products and supplying companies
    • Useful information about your investment, such as technical manuals, the legislation in force, as well as Greek and international bibliography

Green services offered

We offer green services specifically tailored to suit investments in all green business sectors. These include:

Premises, installation and equipment designs

  • Assessment and analysis of the location of your investment using a geographic information system
  • Detailed technical description of the installation
  • Technical specifications regarding the suitability of the equipment for your investment

Project financial feasibility studies

  • Financing scenarios
  • Financial models
  • Feasibility studies

Procedural issues

  • Preparation of application file for inclusion of your investment in subsidised programmes
  • Licensing procedures

Project implementation

  • Financial monitoring of the construction
  • Completion and delivery of the unit

More Information

To learn more about our green services and choose those that best suit your company's needs, talk to our Green Banking Advisors at any Piraeus Bank Green Branch or Green Point at any other branch in the Piraeus Bank network.

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