Investment Law – from A to Z

Holistic support for the implementation of your project under the New Investment Law.

Piraeus Bank, having extensive experience in state aid issues and management of investment projects with a clear development orientation, in cooperation with major key players in the field of consulting services, introduces for the first time financial advisory services in combination with the typical banking products.

A holistic support is provided for the implementation of investment projects that can be submitted to the New Investment Law (N. 4399/2016) with the combination of both advisory and banking services, starting from the initial briefing to the final disbursement of the aid.

The role of the Bank, in collaboration with partner companies providing consulting services

  • Complete and reliable information for the New Investment Law
  • Eligibility check for the company and the investment plan
  • Advisory support for choosing the scheme that suits every business
  • Preparation of the eligible implementation documents
  • Development of economic and technical feasibility study in accordance with the terms and requirements of the respective aid scheme
  • Submission of the project to the electronic system of the Ministry
  • Monitoring of the project’s evaluation course with continuous information and guidance of the investor
  • Adjustment / reform proposal contents based on the final decision (if necessary)
  • Monitoring and support throughout the duration of the investment
  • Submission of control requests (intermediate and final) and support in carrying out field checks by the relevant control bodies
  • Support in gathering documents for the payment of aid
  • Possibility of financing if required (long-term to cover part of private participation or short term to ensure the company's liquidity during the implementation period of the project) in accordance with the Bank's credit criteria
  • Using financial tools the Bank offers at times in cooperation with development agencies (ETEAN, European Investment Bank, etc.)

Benefits for your business

  • One stop service
  • Free eligibility check
  • Holistic approach of your project from both investment and financing perspective
  • Partnerships with the major key players in the field of advisory services
  • Free of charge the letter of intent
  • Competitive pricing