Making my business more competitive

yellow business, the new kind of daily reward for Small Businesses and Professionals!!

With yellow business of Piraeus Bank, you earn yellows and enjoy exclusive offers from Program Partners.

Get the Business Debit or Business Credit Card of Piraeus Bank, register in the Rewards Program and earn yellows with the Business cards of Piraeus Bank participating in the Program:

  • Business loans
  • Payroll package
  • winbank web & mobile banking service and winbank business application.

You can redeem the yellows you earn, to the Program Partners.

Now, your business is earning like never before!

Piraeus Bank supports small businesses through the program "Psonizostigeitonia"

Become a Member of 'Psonizostigeitonia' program, an innovative program that strongly supports small businesses and the local economy of every neighborhood throughout Greece. And in this important initiative we aren’t on our own, we have the support of the Hellenic Confederation of Trade and Entrepreneurship (ESE).

By participating in the “Psonizostigeitonia” program you become member of a growing community and enjoy a number of benefits, free of charge.

Benefits for your business

  • the promotion of your business in the promotional media of the program and in
  • Every week until 31/12/2021, your business enters a draw* to win €1,000 to cover its operating costs.
  • In addition, if you participate in yellow business, your business enjoys discounts and benefits from partner companies as well as the ability to redeem yellows from piraeus bank POS.

Benefit for each of your customers

100 lucky transactions are drawn every week until 31/12/2021. Every week, consumers who make their purchases** with Piraeus Bank cards to companies participating in the program, such as yours, enter a draw* to earn the value of their purchase, up to €30. 

In order to inform your consumers that your business is participating in the ‘Psonizostigeitonia' program, you receive your business signage materials.

Note : Accommodation and hotels are excluded from the Psonizostigeitonia program
*The draws relate to periods of full market operation.
**Applies to purchases in Pos of Piraeus Bank.The new PIRAEUS TOURISM 360° is available to Small and Medium-sized Enterprises operating in the tourism industry.

PIRAEUS EPIXEIREIN 360° is available to Freelancers and SMEs with turnover of up to € 2.5 million that will join actions of the NSRF 2014-2020.