Strengthening my business

The new NSRF 2014-2020 actions regard deal with the businesses’ reinforcement. For the submission, management and monitoring of the investment file, as well as of the investment project, we offer consulting services through the Center of Sustainable Entrepreneurship "Excelixi S.A."

The services, provided by Excelixi S.A., include analytically:

  • Submission of investment file
    • Collection of necessary data for the composition of the investment file
    • Data elaboration and preparation of the investment project
    • Financial analysis and viability of the investment
    • Online submission of the complete application file for the qualification
  • Management & monitoring of investment file
    • Providing data and information during the assessment of the investment proposal
    • Collection and submission of all required documents for the completion of the investment file evaluation
  • Management & monitoring of investment project
    • Administrative, financial and technical monitoring of the investment implementation
    • Submission of reports and applications according to the terms of the approval decision
    • Implementation of all necessary actions required by the authorities or/and other funding sources
  • Consulting services in the context of implementation of standards and regulations.

PIRAEUS EPIXEIREIN 360° is available to Freelancers and SMEs with turnover of up to € 2.5 million that will join actions of the NSRF 2014-2020.