Managing my business

Piraeus Bank’s Epixeirein 360° offers you services for the financial management of your business in all stages of your investment*.

In order to always have the best control of your cash flows in all stages of your investment plan*, from step 1 to its completion, we offer you:

  • Flexible current account for carrying out the investment trough the deposit of the grant, the own contribution and the bank lending thereto.
  • Free checkbook issuance
  • Issuance of Bank checks with 50% discount for paying all eligible costs*
  • Access to e-banking services for businesses and professionals (winbank)
  • Ability to carry out the payroll of your employees
  • Incoming remittances with 50% discount
  • Outgoing remittances in € within EEA, carried out through e-banking, winbank web banking & mobile banking, with 50% discount *
  • Supply of high tech EFT/ POS terminal card acceptance
  • Personalized pricing of card acceptance
  • Possibility of interest free installments as well as theirs discounts
  • Acceptance of China Union Pay
  • Beneficial Commission for non-euro card transactions through the Currency Conversion Service (DCC)
  • We provide e-POS services with:

    • Multiple Interface options with the ePOS Paycenter platform
    • One-Click-Pay for for even faster and and easy checkout with a single click
    • Multi-currency service (transactions in foreign currency), for businesses addressing through the Web to customers outside the Eurozone.
    • Acceptance of transactions through digital wallet MasterPass.
  • Possibility of issuing debit and credit cards

PIRAEUS EPIXEIREIN 360° is available to Freelancers and SMEs with turnover of up to € 2.5 million that will join actions of the NSRF 2014-2020.

*PIRAEUS EPIXEIREIN 360° offered products and services are valid for three years from the date on which the customer integrates into the actions of the NSRF 2014-2020.