In order for your clients to pay directly through their web banking service, regardless their bank.

MyBank is a pan-European online payment solution that enables the buyers of an online store to complete their transaction by directly debiting a bank account, using the web banking of their cooperating bank. The service operates for all web banking users of Piraeus Bank, Alpha Bank, National Bank of Greece and Eurobank, reaching almost the total Greek users of web banking as well as for payments through web banking of hundreds European banks (within SEPA)

How does it operate

After the customer has navigated through the e-Shop and placed the products or services in the shopping cart, they will select MyBank as payment method (instead payment by credit, debit or prepaid card). The steps to follow are indicated below:

  • Select country (if not automatically displayed)
  • The customer selects his cooperating Bank (in which has e-banking access). At this point the client will be redirected to the page of the Bank the client has chosen
  • The customer enters his e-banking
  • The client is directed to the page "Payment Order" and an overview of the payment details (amount, product or service, etc.) is displayed
  • The client selects the account to be debited
  • The client completes the payment.
At this point, the client returns to the e-Shop where a message that the transaction is completed is displayed

Advantages for the e-Shop

  • Immediate update in real-time for the payment
  • Guaranteed payment for your business in a simple, effective and safe way for your customer
  • Increased payments from foreign clients - particularly for tourism businesses, among others
  • Withdraw of cash on delivery procedures

Technical specifications

MyBank operates in Greece with the support of Interbanking Systems (DIAS). All organizations may apply for MyBank payments. Piraeus Bank provides you with all the technical specifications for the necessary implementation on your e-Shop through ePOS Paycenter platform as well as technical support. MyBank operates complementary with DIAS Credit Transfer (DCT), for those organizations that already use DCT.