Collections via easypay app

Piraeus Bank offers the most cutting-edge bill payment application available in the Greek market: the easypay app for smartphones (Android or iPhone). Businesses offering the App satisfy their customers’ contemporary needs to be able to pay from wherever they are and at any time.

Tailor-made design

The payment process can be designed to suit your company’s individual needs, such as payment detail fields, bill barcode photographing, etc. It is easy to use and helps your customers carry out their transactions fast and conveniently, by simply entering the necessary information from their mobile phone.

Promote your business

Process you business payments through the easypay app and enjoy all the easypay benefits. In addition, generate significant promotion for your business simply by being part of the application. This offers your business a strong competitive advantage, both currently and in the near future. Current market trends show that mobile phone Apps are used by a constantly increasing number of consumers worldwide.