Easypay Portal for Professionals

Piraeus Bank already offers to hundreds of private and public businesses and organizations its integrated distance payment services through the easypay service for professionals. Through easypay.gr , users may select and carry out their payments, whether they are customers of Piraeus Bank or not.


Your clients-payers visit easypay.gr to repay their obligations to your business, whether they are customers of Piraeus Bank or not.

The user charges his card, either credit, debit or prepaid, and in case the user is a client of Piraeus Bank winbank services, has the option to pay by debiting directly his bank account.

All proceeds are directly credited to your business’s account. The authorized user will receive notification via e mail for each payment executed or in total, for the payments of the day.


With the integration of your business in the easypay service for professionals, you ensure significant benefits: :

  • Better service for your clients, since they can complete their payments without transportation or lengthy waits in queues, whether they are customers of Piraeus Bank or not, thus saving valuable time and effort.
  • Decrease of the operating costs of your business, since a big part of the tasks regarding your collection services is automated.
  • Payment monitoring and managing, both online through the management tool and through the dispatch of files by Piraeus Bank.
  • Cost savings by avoiding expensive investments for the creation of own alternative collection mechanisms, since when utilizing the infrastructure of www.easypay.gr your business may accept payments from all over the world, even if you have no internet presence.
  • Personalised payment design that reflects the particular requirements of your business and facilitates your clients to easily and quickly perform their transactions.
  • Information in Greek and English for all payment options and procedures offered at www.easypay.gr
  • Significant visibility of your business due to its presence at www.easypay.gr