Accept transactions through mPOS

The ideal solution for those who are constantly on the move (e.g. doctors, technicians, etc.) and need to accept card payments via their smartphone and an mPOS device.

How does the service operate?

  • For the operation of the service, you need a smartphone or tablet with internet access and an mPOS card reader (pocket size) connected with your device via Bluetooth technology. The mPOS card reader is provided by Piraeus Bank.
  • After the installation of the mPOS application on the device you have selected is completed, the transactions are performed very easily in 3 steps:
    • Open the mPOS application.
    • Enter the transaction details.
    • The card is read by the mPOS device.

  • Transactions are carried out by inserting the card into the device in order to read the chip or the magnetic stripe. The transaction is approved by either entering the PIN or through the client's signature.
  • The Piraeus Bank mPOS application works on devices with Android© and iOS© software.

Which cards are accepted?

When using the Piraeus Bank mPOS, you accept transactions with debit, credit and prepaid cards that have been issued by any bank bearing the Visa, V-Pay, MasterCard and Maestro distinctive signs.

How do you benefit, when using the mPOS Paycenter service?

The mPOS Paycenter service is ideal for professionals who are constantly on the move:

  • High flexibility for professionals who are constantly on the move. Doctors, lawyers, restaurants (with delivery service), plumbers, electricians, taxi drivers, and other similar activities.
  • Wherever you are, when using the mPOS, you may accept card payments without having to bring along something other than your smartphone or tablet, and the small mPOS card reader.
  • The transactions with your clients are made quickly and securely, without you needing to manage cash.
  • The amount of the transactions is credited to the account you have indicated on the following business day upon their presentment.

We offer you 24-hour telephone technical support, 365 days a year, by calling at 18 28 38 or 2103898954 from a mobile telephone or landline.

Obtain the mPOS in 5 simple steps

  1. Visit a Piraeus Bank branch having the following documents:
    • A business commencement certificate by the competent Tax Office, containing any changes (the main and secondary activities must be displayed). We may also accept: Printout from TAXISnet or the One-stop-shop service by G.E.MI.
    • Form E3 for businesses keeping Class B accounting books.
    • Balance sheet/profit and loss account for businesses keeping Class C accounting books.
    • Periodic VAT return (of the current year) or recent balance (of the current year)
    • Valid social insurance certificate by the Social Insurance Institute-IKA (only when you apply for an instalment discount service).
  2. You receive personalized pricing based on the needs and size of your business.
  3. Your request is then evaluated by the Bank.
  4. You are informed by the employee of the branch on the outcome of your request, without your presence being required.
  5. You receive the terminal, along with simple and detailed installation instructions, ready to be put into operation.

Note: Paycenter services are provided to clients of the Bank. In case you are not client you will need to become one, this action is allowed under the current restrictive provisions of capital controls.