Mass Payments Services via File

Manage your mass business payments to third parties in Greece and abroad via electronic file with the e-PPS and e-PPS SEPA mass payment services and save valuable time and operating costs.

e-PPS Service

The e-PPS (electronic Piraeus Payment System) service constitutes the most current, effective and cost efficient solution for complete automation of your transactions, offering you the possibility to execute mass payments, in euro and foreign currencies regardless of amount and destination country*.

With a small adjustment to your enterprise system, you may automatically extract a specially formatted file, based on the functional specifications (xml ISO 20022) provided by the Bank. The file contains all the details of your daily payments (remittances and transfers to third party accounts held with Piraeus Bank). Then you send this file to Piraeus Bank for execution using the below options:

  • through winbank web banking
  • through branch
  • through FTPS Server

Upon processing your electronic payment file, Piraeus Bank will send you a response file which you can optionally further utilize in order to achieve automatic reconciliation.

e-PPS SEPA Service

The e-PPS SEPA service offers you the ability to submit and send your mass payments in Euro currency via file transfer, within Piraeus Bank or in any other financial institution within the Single European Payment Area ‘’SEPA’’, in order to achieve the unified management of your payments.

The file is created via the e-PPS SEPA application which is offered to you free of charge. The app can be easily installed by clicking the below link where you can find the e-PPS SEPA application and the User Guide: e-PPS SEPA Application

The application allows you to enter your payment’s details (beneficiary’s name, IBAN, amount, details of payment) to an electronic file formatted in line with bank’s technical specifications. You may send the encrypted file to Piraeus bank in order to be executed, using the below options:

  • through winbank web banking
  • through branch
  • through FTPS Server

Should the file is accepted by the bank, all your payments are executed automatically.


  • Save time and reduce overheads
  • Excellent and qualitative service
  • Process optimization
  • Ability to make your payments without any restrictions on amount
  • Various ways to send the file to the bank
  • High transaction security
  • Immediate information regarding the execution of payment orders
  • Option to print an advice slip along with a swift confirmation for every executed payment order with detailed information, such as the amount and the transaction fees, through the winbank web banking
  • Automatic reconciliation

For more information regarding the mass payments services and your accession process, you may contact your nearest Piraeus Bank branch or you may call 210 3288000.

*The service is provided under the existing legal and regulatory framework.