MasterPass Wallet

In order for your business to accept payments with the simplicity and the assurance of MasterPass digital wallets.

What it is

The MasterPass Wallet is a new payment method for transactions with cards (credit, debit, prepaid). Through ePOS Paycenter platform you have the option to provide your clients with the option of paying with MasterPass digital wallets, which are provided by Greek and foreign banks. Regardless of the interface method you selected for ePOS Paycenter platform (Redirection i-Frame, Web Service), the customer the payment method with card or via the digital MasterPass wallet.

How it operates

When the customer selects the MasterPass Wallet as a payment method, they are directed to the digital wallet page they have created in their cooperating bank and they log in. Then they select one of the cards they have saved in the MasterPass Wallet and complete their transaction quickly, without having to type the card details again.