POS Paycenter terminals

With Piraeus Bank’s POS Paycenter terminals you can offer your customers the ability to perform card transactions at your physical point of sale (mini-market, restaurant, service station, hairdressing salon, etc.)

Which terminal to choose?

All terminals offered by Piraeus Bank accept transactions through cards using Chip & PIN technology by inserting the card into the terminal or by swiping the card through the card reader.

Depending on your needs you can choose between an EFT/POS terminal that requires physical connectivity with a telephone line or not:

  • In case you have a store that does not involve moving the terminal to different locations, connecting physically to a land line is the ideal solution for you. In order for the EFT/POS terminal to operate a phone line (Dial Up or Ethernet connection) is required.
  • If you need to move your EFT/POS terminal inside or outside your store, a wireless terminal provides you with flexibility and ease of use as it is easily transferred. It is the ideal solution in case you operate a restaurant, so that your customers can pay at their table, or if you have a gas station, you can accept payments without the customer leaving the car. You may even have the wireless POS while distributing heating oil for example.

Your options regarding the wireless POS

  • Wireless POS terminal: having a built-in SIM card, it offers access inside and outside your physical store
  • WiFi wireless POS terminal: it allows you to move the terminal within the premises of your business, under the condition that you have a wireless WiFi connectioni

Which cards are supported by the POS Paycenter terminals?

Through the Piraeus Bank POS Paycenter devices your business can accept transactions via:

  • Credit, debit and prepaid Visa cards, V-Pay cards, MasterCard and Maestro cards
  • China Union Pay cards
  • The Contract Farming Card (businesses that can participate to the corresponding program are gas stations and farm supplies stores)
  • The AgriCard (businesses that can participate to the corresponding program are gas stations and farm supplies stores)
  • The Solidarity Card

At the same time, the POS Paycenter terminals accept the Receipt Card.

How do you benefit by installing a POS Paycenter terminal at your business?

When installing a POS Paycenter terminal at your business, you avail of multiple benefits:

  • You increase the sales of your business by offering an additional payment method to your clients.
  • The transactions at your business are made quickly and securely, without the burden of managing cash.
  • You offer your customers the option of paying in instalments (available for Greek credit cards only), while Piraeus Bank also provides the option to prepay those purchases.
  • The amount of the transactions is credited to your business’s account the following business day upon their presentment.
  • You can benefit from the Dynamic Currency Conversion-DCC Service -an innovation for the Greek market– for transactions in currencies other than the Euro, in order for your client to choose to charge the card in the his own currency. If your business serves foreign cardholders (outside the Eurozone), through the DCC service you may minimize the commission charged to you, while at the same time your client will know at the time of the transaction the exact amount charged. The service is particularly useful for businesses operating in touristic areas, such as restaurants, hotel establishments, gas stations, car rental companies, gift shops, etc.
  • You can request to install at your POS (VX520 Verifone model) the easypay POINT service, through which your business becomes a collection point for bills (utilities, telephone, etc.) and other debts (public debts, vehicle excise duties, etc.). The service is offered for mini-markets, supermarkets, kiosks, convenience stores, book stores/stationery stores, and other similar activities.

Piraeus Bank offers card acceptance services through the following options:

  • By installing Piraeus Bank owned terminals.
  • Through Cardlink terminals which have already been installed at your premises or which have been supplied by Cardlink.
  • Through terminals that have been provided by Euronet, EDPS or NEW SIA.

We offer you 24-hour telephone technical support, 365 days a year, by calling at 18 28 38 or 210 3898954 from a mobile telephone or landline.

Obtain the POS in 5 simple steps

  1. Visit a Piraeus Bank branch having the following documents:
    • A business commencement certificate by the competent Tax Office, containing any changes (the main and secondary activities must be displayed). We may also accept: Printout from TAXISnet or the One-stop-shop service by G.E.MI.
    • Form E3 for businesses keeping Class B accounting books.
    • Balance sheet/profit and loss account for businesses keeping Class C accounting books.
    • Periodic VAT return (of the current year) or recent balance (of the current year).
    • Valid social insurance certificate by the Social Insurance Institute-IKA (only when you apply for an instalment discount service).
  2. You receive personalized pricing based on the needs and size of your business.
  3. Your request is then evaluated by the Bank.
  4. You are informed by the employee of the branch on the outcome of your request, without your presence being required.
  5. You receive the terminal at your store, along with simple and detailed installation instructions, ready to be put into operation.