Other Bank Card Payment

Piraeus Bank gives you the capability to pay any credit cards issued by banks in Greece (the outstanding or minimum or full payment amount).

How you benefit

  • Time saving transaction
  • Electronic payment with user friendly application
  • From our wide branch network with presence even at the most distant parts of Greece

How to make other bank card payment through Piraeus Bank

The Service is available:

  • Through winbank web & phone banking, for Piraeus Bank customers who wish to pay by debiting their account. Payments can be executed immediately or on a future date, or you can place a standing order. The payment details needed are card number, issuing bank and payment amount
  • Through Easypay Kiosks (APS), ), located in almost all branches, for Piraeus Bank customers and non customers who wish to pay in cash. The payment details needed are the card number and the payment amount.

    APS network