Piraeus Bank at the 25th AGROTICA Fair

From 30 January to 2 February Piraeus Bank will be attending the 25th AGROTICA Fair, the largest agricultural machinery, equipment and supplies fair in Greece, held at the Thessaloniki International Exhibition & Congress Centre. The Bank will attend the Fair along with the Centre for Sustainable Entrepreneurship Exelixi, a member of the Piraeus Bank Group, which designs and runs innovative training courses and provides advisory services in the emerging fields of agricultural and green economy. 

Experts from the Bank will be on hand (at Kiosk No. 2, stand 29, 1st floor, Helexpo Building) to offer information to visitors about the Group's services and products aimed at farmers and farming businesses, agricultural cooperatives, and businesses associated with the farming sector.

These are times of intense change, and as part of its policy of expansion and growth, Piraeus Bank remains a reliable player in the field of agricultural credit. It provides practical support for the primary sector, and remains dedicated to identifying and capitalising on opportunities in the agricultural and associated sectors. It places emphasis on agricultural entrepreneurship and on developing collective actions, while it also proposes innovative solutions to address key structural problems of Greek agriculture by promoting Contract Farming. Capitalising on its experience and know-how, it offers a wide range of financial products and services, with a focus on innovation and pioneering technological and eco-friendly techniques. 

One of Piraeus Bank's key priorities is to ensure that farmers have adequate liquidity. This is done by collecting annual subsidies and organic produce aid for subsequent years in advance, and also via its participation in the Agricultural Entrepreneurship Fund, which will be a key financing instrument and tool for promoting growth and development in the agricultural sector in years to come. This will enable it to finance farmers’ investment plans to modernise their businesses, support organic farming and make the well-needed shift to more business-orientated farming. Piraeus Bank is particularly interested in helping the emerging generation of new farmers set up their businesses, since they will be the main vehicle for introducing new technologies and innovations into the farming sector. The Bank is aided in its task by the Exelixi Centre. Members from its staff at the Fair will brief visitors about the specialised programmes and services it offers, which are directly associated with green entrepreneurship and modern rural development.