Four new Piraeus Bank Contract Farming agreements for the livestock and energy crop sectors

Piraeus Bank is continuing to consistently and dynamically support efforts to bolster the rural economy and improve rural incomes across the entire range of farming activities via its Contract Farming programmes, having recently concluded 4 new agreements, 3 of which are in the livestock sector and 1 in the energy crops sector.  

Piraeus Bank is continuing to support the livestock sector having signed 3 new Contract Farming agreements with companies in the TYRAS Group. These agreements are with: OLYMPOS LARISSA DAIRY SA, TYRAS SA and RODOPI DAIRY OF XANTHI SA.  

Piraeus Bank has also extended the Contract Farming programmes to a new field, having signed its first agreement in the energy crops sector with Pavlos N. Pettas SA for the production of sunflowers.  

Under these agreements, the livestock farmers are guaranteed the necessary liquidity to purchase animal feed needed when it is harvested, and growers of energy crops can purchase the necessary agricultural supplies for their crops, while they also have a guaranteed market for their end products.  

These programmes have already been launched, with liquidity having been provided to growers. They will be completed when their products are purchased by companies involved in the programme, and growers are paid, thereby safeguarding their income and protecting the entire production sector.  

Piraeus Bank also provides growers/livestock farmers with insurance for possible loss of crops/livestock due to disease and natural disasters that goes beyond the insurance provided by the Hellenic Agricultural Insurance Organisation.  

These four Contract Farming agreements offer comprehensive financing solutions, confirming Piraeus Bank’s unwavering commitment to supporting and bolstering endeavours to improve production in the primary sector of economy.